How to Increase Sales with Creative Bundling

How to Increase Sales with Creative Bundling

Bundling is a great for presenting your offers creatively and often results in increased sales. Anytime you make shopping or the selling of information more convenient for customers, there’s a great chance of increasing the conversions on an offer.

What is bundling? 

Bundling is when you combine products/services together to make one single product offering.

Why Bundle?

How to Increase Sales with Creative Bundling

  • Bundles makes offers more attractive
  • Bundling increases the “perceived value” of items
  • Bundling allows customers to receive a sampling or to experience a variety of offers (possibly the independent produt is missing tidbits of what the customer wants or needs
  • Bundles offer your customers bite-sized information (if service-based). They provide smaller chunks of information necessary to complete a task, all bundled together
  • Bundles, if done correctly, will keep your customers coming back for more!
  • Bundling offers customers the convenience of shopping at one place and time

When Should I Bundle?

There is no specific time to bundle. I personally, wouldn’t bundle all my items but I would have a select few offers bundled together. Bundling is perfect for anytime of the year, but especially during holidays and sale promotions. Bundles that are well put together can drive your potential customers to the sale.

What type of Products Should I Bundle?

Any type of product or service offering can be bundled creatively.

How Do I Bundle Items?

  • Use a bundling app. The Dropified Shopify APP now has a bundling option in Beta. Beeketing also has a great bundle apps for Shopify store owners. I’m sure there are plenty other apps out there on different platforms that allow for bundling.
  • Tip: It may be easier to choose a supplier that offers all the items you wish to include within the bundle. This way, the items are packaged altogether. However, as long as you communicate with your customers, having items shipped from multiple locations and at different time-frames are completely OK.
  • Be sure to always keep your customers in mind when creating bundles.

When creating a bundle, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can I make my product more convenient for customers?
  2. Can I piece together different products that compliment one another/work well together?
  3. How Can I increase the perceived value of my bundle? How can I save my customer money?

Let’s create some bundles! 

I hope this post was helpful! Have you begun creating bundles yet? Feel free to post your experience and any questions about bundling offers below. Thanks for reading.
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