Is Selling on Amazon Worth It?

Is Selling on Amazon Worth It?

Is selling on Amazon worth it?

One of the most common questions I’m asked when someone wants to start online selling is: “Where Should I Sell?

This is one of the toughest decisions for new sellers, as they are many times hesitant about investing money, time and energy into a selling platform that may possibly not work for them.
One of the most important steps to start your online business is to decide where you’ll start. The answer to this question all depends on your knowledge, budget and goals.

Question A:

Do you have a specific idea that you’ve always wanted to test or do you produce a specific product?


Question B:

You don’t have a specific product in mind, but just want want to get started with the most lucrative strategy?

If you answered, “yes” to question A, I’d consider starting with a marketplace like Etsy or even a Shopify store.

If you answered, “yes” to Question B, I’d suggest you take a serious look at the Amazon selling.

But many are asking the question: “Is Selling on Amazon Worth It?

If you’ve ever heard me speak or listened in on one of my trainings, you may have heard me say that Amazon is Queen.

Here are some of the things I absolutely love about Selling on Amazon

  1. Easy to learn overall: With the right coach you can be up and selling in no time.
  2. Invest as you go: You’ll need some startup funds to run your amazon business but you can determine what that amount will be and invest in your business as you go,
  3. Earn quick profits: it doesn’t take years to earn from your Amazon business. Many of my Amazon students began selling after the training and within two weeks they had their investment funds back and then some.
  4. Can replace your full-time income: if one is consistent and strategic, an Amazon business can very well replace a full-time income.
  5. Lifestyle changing: some of my students and I are making lifestyle changing money on the platform. Amazon is a great vehicle for creating the income and lifestyle you desire.

So you’ve read all above and now you’re wondering, “What’s the cons?”
That’s a great question! There are cons and risks associated with any business. I’ll be completely transparent with you on some of those below:

Risks and cons associated with Selling on Amazon:

  1. Amazon is a very strict platform in terms of metrics for sellers. They hold sellers to a high standard, so if not educated on how to maintain your account in good standing, I wouldn’t suggest you begin without guidance.
  2. Risk of account suspension: Many sellers that were making a living on Amazon have experienced account shutdown. This is never a good experience because it’s an immediate loss of income. This is why I stress the important of linking arms with a coach that can teach you the ropes and assist you if this ever happens.
  3. Lack of cash flow: this can be considered a con for some sellers. They lack enough credit or cash flow to be able to earn their desired income on the platform. Having funds to invest in your business is a crucial part of your success on Amazon.

Those are just a few but there are some other risks I may have missed. The key: is to get the correct information so that you understand how to run your account safely.

What are the different ways you can sell on
Amazon offers sellers plenty of ways to sell on their platform and I won’t cover them all here. But two of the main ways are: Amazon FBA & Merchant Fulfilled Selling

FBA sellers –

Are sellers who ship their inventory into Amazon and Amazon then handles the shipping, fulfillment and customer management for those orders. As a seller, you’ll pay higher fees for this process and also may lose profit due to storage fees and leftover inventory.

Merchant Fulfilled Sellers –

Are those who are responsible for the shipment, processing and customer management for products they list on Amazon. These sellers will incur less fees, however they are held at a much higher standard for being sure that they are compliant with brands and Amazon policies.
I prefer merchant fulfilled selling, and this is the selling that is taught in my Amazon course. I also have an ongoing mastermind for Amazon FBA and merchant fulfilled sellers.
The purpose of the Amazon training is to teach sellers how to safely create and account, maintain account health, list profitable products and scale account profits.
Many of our students are earning 6 figures and beyond as a result of the training and ongoing mastermind.
Are you looking to make Amazon your choice for online selling? Ready to take your income to the next level and change your lifestyle?

Amazon just may be the platform for you

Feel free to contact me with questions and here are a few options to get started on your “Selling on Amazon” journey:

Want to learn more about what’s possible with Amazon? Check out this free informational workshop HERE

Interested in taking the Amazon Course and joining the ongoing mastermind for sellers? Get started HERE

Prefer one-on-one sessions with me instead? Find out more about private Amazon coaching HERE

Let’s prosper!

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