Dropshipping Business, is it Dead?

Dropshipping Business, is it Dead?

The rise and fall of online trends cause some to ask questions like: Is the dropshipping Business dead? 
Dropshipping isn’t fraud unless the seller claims to ship products and doesn’t ever plan to have items shipped to customers. Only then, it becomes fraudulent.

Year after year, trends come and go. New business ideas rise and some fall. Many online entrepreneurs jump from idea to idea wondering which one will make them rich.

There are plenty of fads that come about, and then eventually die out. The masses that follow these fads only last as long as the fads do, and then they’re off to the next.
At one point, dropshipping business was one of these fads that many online marketers jumped into, and then once reality struck, they realized it wasn’t so easy, they moved on to the next fad.

I’m here to tell you, that dropshipping business is certainly not dead. It’s very much alive.

I’ve been dropshipping for several years now. And while all businesses have had their challenges from time to time, it’s been one of the best things that has happened for my business. Dropshipping is an extremely lucrative business model if done correctly, and I truly enjoy every bit of it.

Just in case you’re wondering what a dropshipping business is.

Here’s the definition: move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels.

In other words, dropshipping is when you have a supplier to ship products directly to your customers allowing you to do business without having to physically come in contact with the products.

Let’s cover some of the positives of running a dropshiping business:

  • Dropshipping is easy:

One of my favorite things about dropshipping is that it’s easy-to-do and I really do believe that just about anyone can do this. I can probably teach my 6 year old to do this successfully. It’s not the hardest thing you’ll ever learn to do. The process is simple.

  • You don’t have to touch the products

I love that you can run an entire business without ever laying your hands on a single product. I used to ship physical products out to customers. I also had to deal with packaging, postage, inventory management and plenty more. When I moved my businesses to the dropshipping model, I saved myself loads of trouble and headaches. I don’t regret making the switch one single bit.

  • You decrease profit loss

With dropshipping, you don’t have to pay for products upfront. You don’t order items until a customer places and pays for the order. So you don’t have to worry about leftover inventory. Every now and then, you may lose money on an item, but overall, you decrease your chances of losing profit.

  • No return handling

When dropshipping, you have must leave a great deal on your supplier. They handle the return process for customers. You may have to communicate with buyers, but the supplier will handle receiving and replacing packages.

  • No upfront investment

Many want to know if they can start their dropshipping business for free. It is possible to do so because there are ways to avoid upfront funds in order to sell items to customers. Dropshipping is the perfect way to do this without too much risk.

Some of the biggest companies in the world are dropshipping items to customers and allow dropshippers to sell on their platforms. Many of them use distribution centers to ship these products directly to customers once they are ordered. The dropshipping method has been around for years and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Here are some FAQ’s about dropshipping business and answers:

Is Dropshipping Business fraudulent?

Dropshipping isn’t fraud unless the seller claims to ship products and doesn’t ever plan to have items shipped to customers. Only then, it becomes fraudulent.

What if items arrive in different boxes?

Plenty of companies use fulfillment centers outside of their own. Most customers are not concerned with the box that their item arrives in as long as they are happy with what’s inside.

What if a receipt is mistakenly included with the package?

There are ways to avoid receipts being included with packages but mistakes do happen. If your customer asks, there are always appropriate explanations for situations like this. I’ve found over the years that timely responses can keep customers happy .

Will customers be unhappy with shipping times?

This questions is mainly asked by those who are shipping items overseas. As long as you are able to communicate with your customers about shipping and handling times, and keep the lines of communication open, they most likely won’t have issues with shipping times. One way to avoid this is to ship items from within your own country.

Aren’t Dropshipping Businesses too risky?

Dropshipping is a risky business. Many things can go wrong. Many things can go right as well. Learn as much as you can about this business model and decide if this is the right fit for you.

Cons of dropshipping:

You won’t have complete control of your business

When dropshipping you do give a good bit of control to the supplier. You are depending on them to get the process right. You’re depending on them to ship on time. You lose the ability to brand packages and add your personal touch. You aren’t able to inspect items before they are shipped. There are fulfillment centers that can brand packages for you once you begin dropshipping on a larger scale.

Let’s return to the question: Is dropshipping dead?

Dropshipping occurs every single day.
Dropshipping is a very popular strategy utilized by many of the big box stores and small business owners all over the world. It is a super convenient and lucrative business model. It’s a great way to work smarter instead of harder.

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