Why I Love Chatbot Marketing

Why I Love Chatbot Marketing

I’m excited to write about this topic because chatbots are one of my top favorite ways to market.
Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by all the different marketing strategies on the rise and I too can relate.
When I first jumped on the chatbot marketing train, I only set it up and then left it. We often find ourselves trying to be everywhere all the time and we all know this just isn’t possible.
But with this marketing tool, we can be present even when we aren’t physically present. And this is one of the reasons I’m in love.
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Here are 3 Reasons Why I Love Chatbots:

1. The open rate is astonishing– Compared to email marketing, from my own experience, chatbots have a much better open rate. Social media can be jam packed due to over saturation and the rise of entrepreneurship. Email open rates are at a low. But chatbot marketing is a wonderful way to communicate with subscribers and they actual look forward to opening messages from you.

2. Chatbots add that personal touch – I’m always amazed when I get replies from my subscribers and it’s so easy to start conversations with them. Many of them think they are receiving personal messages from me and I think that’s wonderful. When people are on Facebook and they receive a DM from a family member or friend, they automatically think its personal.

Chatbots make marketing friendly.

3. Automation, automation and again, I say, automation – your chatbot can respond to visitors even when you’re not there. Chatbots direct potential customers while you’re running errands or out with loved ones.

Ever dreamed of being able to be everywhere, all the time? Well here you have it.

Do you use Chatbots for business currently? If so, what’s been your experience with these? I’d love to know in the comments.

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Blessings xoxo

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