How to Give More While Maintaining Boundaries

How to Give More While Maintaining Boundaries

We all need to set boundaries for ourselves as they are healthy and protect us.
We can’t expect people to automatically know what our boundaries are when we haven’t taken the time to define or communicate them. Boundaries are needed in both our business and personal relationships.

Ask yourself: Have you ever felt overworked and tired or you feel you are a chronic giver? Is this You?

  1. You’re feeling undervalued.
  2. You’re feeling unappreciated.
  3. You’re feeling drained.
  4. You’re feeling underpaid.
  5.  You’re feeling resentful.

Sound familiar?
If you’ve ever felt any of these things or feeling resentful after giving, you may possibly be over-giving in your business and personal relationships.

Here are five tips for giving more while maintaining boundaries:

1. People can never use you unless you allow.
Remember, no one can do anything to you that you do not allow. People can’t take advantage of you if you’re setting boundaries in advance. If you’ve felt undervalued or mistreated, keep in mind that these could be behaviors that you’re accepting.

2. Check-in with yourself before giving freebies.
How does it make you feel when you give content, time etc…? There are seasons when you’re called to give. Many times, you’ll feel great and recharged when you give. Other times, not so great.
If you don’t feel weighed down by your giving and feel great in the process, follow your heart. If you feel weighed down by the gesture, pay close attention. You could be over-giving.
One of the things I cover in my private coaching sessions is respecting and setting boundaries. Also deciding in advance what you will give free. The only person you should be making a deal with is you. Know what you can give to a relationship upfront and what’s uncomfortable. (To learn more about the 90 day Private Coaching program book a call with me HERE.

3. Make a deal with yourself.
Decide on what’s reasonable to give and how much you are willing to give. Identify what you can offer and what you can’t. Avoid going into situations where you’re not comfortable with giving.
4. Communication is key.
Communicate upfront what you provide and what you do not. As they say, honesty is the best policy. Be clear on expectations right from the beginning.
5. Don’t be afraid to turn down business.
You have the option to refuse or even refund business that isn’t in alignment with what you stand for or not the ideal client you want to work with.

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Comment below and let me know how you feel about setting boundaries and if you have some of your own
Blessings xoxo

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