How To Get MORE Sales Online For Small Businesses

How To Get MORE Sales Online For Small Businesses

A lot of people struggle with selling in the online space, especially right now, when we’re in a pandemic. Now everything has to be in the online space, so if you’re wondering how you can boost your sales online, I’m here to answer that question.

There are two things you’re going to need to boost sales online: trust and credibility. Here are some tips for how you can build these online.

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1. Show Your Face
I know some people are very shy when it comes to the camera, and actually I used to be like this, although it might be hard to believe that now. I was ashamed to get on camera and was so worried about how I looked, but honestly people don’t care!

You have to ask yourself: is your purpose and your message more important than your fears? Face your fears, hit the camera button and show your face! Trust me, your tribe is out there and they want to see you!

2. Get On Video
So I’ve already spoken about this in tip number 1, but it is SO important to turn your camera on and TALK. People need to see you talking and in action in order to get a taste of what it would be like to work with you and hold a conversation with you.

When you go live on video, you give people a teaser of who you are. You can start small and work up, start with short videos and make them longer as you grow in confidence! This is an amazing way to build trust if you want to start selling more online.

3. Reviews
An amazing way to build credibility is reviews. When people see that other people have been working with you and have had a positive experience, this builds trust. One of the number one things customers are looking for when considering buying from you is reviews and testimonials.

A great place to start collecting reviews is on Google. So set up your business Google account, that way you can come up in search results and people can leave you reviews right there. Ask your previous customers to start leaving you reviews to get the ball rolling!

4. Show Up Consistently
As entrepreneurs, we get busy so it can be difficult to show up online for our audiences consistently. But if you want people to be loyal and show up for you, you have to be loyal and show up consistently for them.

And they know the difference between people who are really showing up for them and people who are just coming to collect payment. So, you want to show up consistently on video and with your content for your customers. Whatever you’re doing, be consistent.

5. Have A Clear Call To Action
Make sure it’s very clear how people need to take action with you. Make sure there are no glitches on your website, links or social media profiles, so that your call to action is easy and seamless process for people to complete.

I hope this helped! These tips when applied consistently will help you to gain more trust and credibility and get MORE sales for your business online!

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