My Top 5 Places to Get Custom Packaging | Packaging Tips for Online Retailers

My Top 5 Places to Get Custom Packaging | Packaging Tips for Online Retailers

Custom packaging can affect buying behavior and it is a very powerful asset. Custom packaging also protects the products throughout their journeys to the customer. It can tell a funny, interesting, or brand-building story about your product or business. In this video, I’m sharing my top 5 places to order custom/regular packaging online.


Top 5 Places to Get Custom Packaging

ULine sells items in bulk. You can choose different kinds of packaging in different colors. The reason why I love ULine is that it ships fast and you have everything you will need in one place.

You need to learn how to negotiate and do business with Basically, most of the suppliers on this platform are from China. Alibaba is a great way to get your boxes custom-designed. 

Packlane is where I initially got my boxes. I designed my boxes with Packlane and I stayed here for months. With Packlane, the price of your box depends on the style of the box, the type of box you are using, and how detailed your design is from inside to outside. 

Sticker Mule doesn’t only offer custom packaging; it also offers custom stickers, custom labels, custom mailers, custom tapes, etc. You can get anything customized

I have tried Papermark before, but the shipping takes a while compared to the others. You also have to be careful as most of the time if you find something that you really love, it can be out of stock. If you want to restock an item, you’ll have to wait. However, if you are looking for a specific and unique packaging, this is the right place for you. 

Amazon will always be the most reliable choice. Amazon Prime is a life-changer especially if you are shopping in bulk per month. Amazon can get it to you right away. 


Deciding on where to get your custom packaging is easier than it sounds. No matter how big or small, we hope you’ll use this guide to choosing your custom packaging that works as hard as you do.





I hope this blog helps you decide where to get your custom packaging. Want to join a community for impact-driven womenpreneurs in e-commerce who want to monetize their passions and dominate online sales in their space? Click here to join my Facebook group: e-Comm for Women!


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