Why You Should Leave Etsy and Sell on Your Own Website

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Etsy is a great place to sell your products, but it also has limitations. Moving from Etsy to your own website will help you gain more opportunities to create new customer touchpoints and repeat business because you’ll have more control over your store and it will be the source of your customer’s satisfaction and value. In this blog, I’m sharing…

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How to Create a Text Message Social Media Graphic in Canva: Easy Tutorial

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Effective social media graphics support brand recognition and connect your target audience with your products and services. Getting visual on social media can increase brand awareness and increase engagement. In this blog post, I am going to share with you how I create an attractive text message social media graphic in Canva.   Step by Step Process to Create a…

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My Top 5 Places to Get Custom Packaging | Packaging Tips for Online Retailers

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Custom packaging can affect buying behavior and it is a very powerful asset. Custom packaging also protects products while in transit to the customer. Packaging can tell a funny, interesting, or brand-building story about your product or business. In this video, I’m sharing my top 5 places to order custom/regular packaging online.   Top 5 Places to Get Custom Packaging…

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Why Strange Things Sell Online: Some of the Strangest Things I’ve Sold

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Are you struggling to find the right product to sell online? Maybe just trying to remove unnecessary items from home? Before you toss out the worthless pieces lounging around your home, you might want to explore the things you didn’t believe you could sell online.  And if you think there isn’t a passionate group of buyers or an audience for…

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3 Tips to Power Up Your Business in 2020

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Hey Rockstars, like me, you may be tired of hearing all the hype about New Year resolutions. I wanted to give you a slight different spin and share some powerful tips for marching right into 2020 in the fullness of your power. I think one of the challenges for many entrepreneurs when using New Year resolutions, is that resolutions seem…

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