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Email List Building Tips – How to Build a Super Targeted Email List

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We’ve just cracked open 2020 and this is the year to get more targeted and build authentic connections in our businesses. This month, we’re focusing on list building. Why? Because it’s way too many business owners out there pouring so much effort into marketing and feeling disappointed when they realize they’re putting the wrong content in front of the right…

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Sell Now or Sell Yourself Short

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Too many of us have gifts, talents, products, and ideas that we are giving away for completely free. Sometimes, we are unable to see them because we ignore their existence. The first step in utilizing your talents for something greater is knowing what you’re good at. Then ask yourself: “How Could I Be Monetizing These Ideas? Is this You? 1.…

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Why I Love Chatbot Marketing

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I’m excited to write about this topic because chatbots are one of my top favorite ways to market. Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by all the different marketing strategies on the rise and I too can relate. When I first jumped on the chatbot marketing train, I only set it up and then left it. We often find ourselves trying to…

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3 Reasons They Won’t Buy From You – How To Close A Sale

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Sometimes people don’t want to buy from you and trust doing business with you because they don’t believe in what you’re selling. One of the keys to selling successfully is to adhere to the expectations of your ideal customer and ensure that your sincerity matches those expectations. In This article i will write about “3 Reasons They Won’t Buy From…

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How to Increase Sales with Creative Bundling

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Bundling is a great for presenting your offers creatively and often results in increased sales. Anytime you make shopping or the selling of information more convenient for customers, there’s a great chance of increasing the conversions on an offer. What is bundling?  Bundling is when you combine products/services together to make one single product offering. Why Bundle? Bundles makes offers…

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