3 Tips to Power Up Your Business in 2020

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Hey Rockstars, like me, you may be tired of hearing all the hype about New Year resolutions. I wanted to give you a slight different spin and share some powerful tips for marching right into 2020 in the fullness of your power. I think one of the challenges for many entrepreneurs when using New Year resolutions, is that resolutions seem…

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Sell Now or Sell Yourself Short

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Too many of us have gifts, talents, products, and ideas that we are giving away for completely free. Sometimes, we are unable to see them because we ignore their existence. The first step in utilizing your talents for something greater is knowing what you’re good at. Then ask yourself: “How Could I Be Monetizing These Ideas? Is this You? 1.…

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Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to earn additional money. It can be a great resource aside from a full-time job or full-time business. Word-of-Mouth is very powerful and many times we refer our everyday products without even realizing that we are advertising for companies for completely free. In this blog post, you’ll find out “How to Make Money with…

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How To Build Trust With Customers Online – The LKT Factor

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Wondering how to build trust with your customers online? The L.K.T. factor is the perfect way to do just that. L.K.T. stands for: Like, Know, and Trust. In this blog post, I’ll share how to apply this very strategy to your business to increase your sales. A great reputation means everything when it comes to trust with customers. It will…

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How One Product Idea Can Increase Your Online Business Profits

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Have you been wanting to sell online but can’t seem to find the right product idea to get started? Or maybe you’ve already been down this road but felt disappointment because you weren’t successful. I speak to clients every single day who say that they’ve tried their hand at online selling but for one reason or another, they couldn’t seem…

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