How to Take Easy Product Photos With Your Smart Phone: Subscription Box Business Tutorial

The online retail industry is growing more and more each day. How do you attract your customers more to purchase a product that they haven’t seen in person? The best way to showcase your products is by taking great images. Your product images will play a huge part as they will help you convince people to buy your products. In this blog post, I am going to share with you how I stage and take my photos for the Journal Junk Box boxes and DG Journals products.


What you need to stage your products:


  • Smartphone

Invest in the most updated smartphone. I don’t use a professional camera to take my product photos. I personally use an Apple iPhone, but if you are using an Android with a good camera, that works too. You could also use photo applications to add filters or adjust camera settings.


  • Photo Apps or Canva

Though apps differ depending on the device, you’ll want to find an app that will work for you. Normally, I adjust the settings of the photo apps that I use, for instance: adjusting the exposure or the brightness of the image. An app should also be able to help you remove the background. Canva is also a great editing tool that you could use aside from phone photo apps

Here are some of the recommended photo applications that I use:

    1. Bazaart 
    2. Lensa 


  • Natural Sunlight

You could use a lightbox, but what if you don’t have a lightbox or your lightbox suddenly doesn’t work?  Use the power of natural sunlight. If you are indoors, find a window for great natural light. Make sure the window is facing your products when you take the photo. This makes all the difference.


  • Solid Background/Background Kit

If you are planning to edit the photos or remove the background for your product photos, solid color for the background will help you to have a clean finish or clean editing. There are also available background kits online that you could purchase to have an instant background for your products. Check out my Amazon store here for some of the backgrounds I’ve purchased.


  • Crinkle Paper

For my boxes, I make sure that the box and all the products on the box are visible when I take product photos. Stuff the boxes on the bottom with anything to elevate the products. You could use paper, bubble wrap, or anything that could elevate the surface inside the box. Last, place crinkle paper. Once the crinkled paper is placed, you can start organizing the products.


That’s it! You are now ready to take product photos for your business. You don’t need to be a professional photographer in order to take great product photos of your product. I always believe that you can use what you have and get it done. Lifestyle photos really work well, too! Show your products in action with an actual person and actual real background to excite your customers. 





I hope this blog will help you with taking your product photos with your smartphone! Need help with converting more sales on your pages and websites? Click here to get the Convert Like Crazy Guide to get MORE sales on your website


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