From Pain to Power
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'From Pain to Power' is a transformative story not only about the author's journey from a place of pain to power but a more universal truth that is accessible to all of us if we gain the tools and the courage to use them. Using real-life examples and specific techniques, Dallas Gordon takes you on a journey of self-discovery. However, it's a compelling look not only into self but a principled way to becoming better by serving others. Gratitude, affirmations and mindset SHIFTING are only a few of the valuable components shared in this groundbreaking book. Enter in and find your power even in the midst of your pain.

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About the Author

"There is absolutely nothing you can’t achieve in life and business."

Dallas Gordon

Dallas Gordon, B.A. Theology, is an author, inspirational speaker and expert business coach. She's a proud wife and mom of three beautiful children. Dallas dedicates her time to her passion for motivating others and inspiring them to reach their highest potential. Dallas also guides business owners in increasing brand awareness, traffic and sales in the digital marketplace. She encourages all those around her to live their fullest life and to embrace and monetize their passions. She's built successful companies and communities that encourage transformation and growth.

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