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Where the digital world meets the freedom lifestyle.

Are you ready to take your online business and experience as an entrepreneur to the next-level?

Dear Digitalpreneur, now is the time to CLAIM your high-earning months while being purposefully aligned.
Yes, you CAN have the business you’ve always dreamed of.
Yes, you can attract your perfect clients and customers and

YES, you can do this from any location in the world.


50% of business owners FAIL within the first year and most of them fail because they aren’t sure how to market their businesses successfully and determine what their clients and customers WANT & NEED.

To our world class community where we have a NO B.S. approach to helping our tribe members WIN and win BIG by providing all the tools and support needed to massively GROW your online business like never before.


You are ready for a major up-leveling in your spiritual, personal and financial life #upleveling

You’re DONE with associating yourself with failing in your online business

You’re ready to fire your boss because you know you were born to be a ‘shot caller’

You are desire to create MORE time with family and LESS time punching a time clock

You’ve had enough of wasted money, wrong information and done with the B.S..

You’re ready to live a limitless life and travel the world

Imagine serving the clients and customers you love with complete ease and being fully at peace & spiritually/mentally #aligned

Imagine being fully booked, selling out and hitting your monthly income goals.

Imagine having your own team. You’re the boss. You call your own shots.

Imagine spontaneously booking your dream trip to an exotic location in the world.

Imagine spending time with those you love most any day of the week.

About the #FreedomTribe

The Profit Freedom Tribe Academy & Inner Circle is a world-class digital and e-learning community for fast-action entrepreneurs. We welcome coaches, service providers, online sellers and digital marketers who desire to level-up online, create connections, get intentional, make noise and make money.
The tribe is a self-paced learning community and support hub for likeminded (spiritually aligned) entrepreneurs all aimed towards creating the freedom lifestyle utilizing positive thinking, online business and marketing tools/strategies.


Business Models
Marketing & Mindset
Time Management & Tools

"This is the laptop lifestyle; digital nomad living that you’ve always dreamed of. Now’s the time to make that life a reality. The Profit Freedom Tribers are literally changing the game, now and for generations to come."

Who is a Freedom Triber?

A Freedom Triber, is a purpose-driven entrepreneur who is committed to their vision and mission to create income and impact online. A freedom triber is focused towards creating change within and as a result they change the world around them. A Triber is a fast action taking digitalpreneur that is no-nonsense when it comes to securing the bag.

Who a Freedom Triber is not:

While the tribe is a wonderful community and we want to serve as many people as we can, we realize that it’s not for everyone.
A Freedom Triber is not someone who isn’t able to learn on their own and take action, as the tribe is a learn-as-you-go community. One’s success or failure is based on their ability to understand the information provided and put it into motion. The freedom tribe is a self-paced learning community where the keys to success with online business success is at your fingertips. While support is available in our innercircle group, one still must take action to experience results.

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Our Freedom Tribers Are:

Shaking up the digital world by learning to utilize a variety of strategies to massively earn online.

Showing up, getting intentional and making noise in the digital space.

Growing brand awareness and launching campaigns and ideas that go viral.

Purposefully serving clients they love.

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Immediate Access to our World-Class Training Vault

Our training vault is the toolkit you’ll use to effectively build and market your online business. The vault is packed with self-paced recorded video lessons, audios and action guides with information from industry experts to fast-track your success


Exclusive Access to the Inner Circle - A World-Class Support Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs & Experts

Enjoy networking, collaborating, and sharing your expertise within the community. The inner circle is a safe place to ask questions when you’re stuck or get the feedback you need. Our social community hosts live events and trainings with industry experts. Also a fun place for daily challenges and so much more


Freedom Tribe Perks

As a #FreedomTriber you receive access to member-only discounts, complimentary access to select bonus trainings and content, opportunity to earn rewards and promo days within the community


LIVE Expert Trainings & Events

In addition to pre-recorded content, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend LIVE trainings and events within our community

Are you ready to S.O.A.R?


Learn new skills and master them


Optimize what you learn


Take massive action


Enjoy and celebrate your wins

"A Thriving community for Digitalpreneurs"

I love the leadership, needed pushing from the leaders and all the resources!!

#Tribe Member

This group is by far one of the top few business decisions I have ever made. At this price it really is a steal. I intend to win big in entrepreneurship this year. However, I don't have any close friends or family that are about that life. They say you become the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Being in this group has shown me I am surrounded by winners with tangible results. Coach D is amazing. She is actually in the group constantly and not throwing pdf's at you then disappearing for weeks at a time - LOL - you know what I'm talking about. So much clarity coming everyday. If you are on the fence, get off on the right side and join this group. If you apply the knowledge, winning is inevitable!.

Eden Croft
#Tribe Member

Last year, I told myself moving forward I needed a coach to help me reach my goals of owning an online business. I even tried different groups. They were not for me...So when I heard about being a #FreedomTribe, I tiptoed into the group not knowing what to expect...What I am receiving is way above what I thought a group could deliver!! This group is an abundance of focused strategies and methods to help me gain financial independence online. It’s extremely motivating and I know I’m on the right path. I am taking actionable steps each day with the information I am learning from Coach D. The courses and coaching calls are phenomenal. And it’s affordable!! I finally found an online home where I can grow! I love learning what Coach D has done to gain financial freedom and I’m confident that this group is what I need to help me gain mine.

Brianna Alston
#Tribe Member

Our training vault includes amazing courses such as:

Teach Me How to Etsy, Featuring Laura Kilgore

Affirm Your Life 30 Day Challenge, Featuring Coach Dallas Gordon

The Power Webinar, Featuring Coach Dallas Gordon

Marketplace Money, Featuring Coach Dallas Gordon

The Super Affiliate, Featuring Coach Dallas Gordon

Fix Your Life with Tools, Featuring Coach Dallas Gordon & Nakia Martineau

List Building 101, Featuring Keysha Bass

Live Video Formula to Build, Strategize & Monetize, Featuring Coach Janine Cummings

Pinterest Profits Masterclass, Featuring Coach Dallas Gordon

Step by Step Guide to Creating a Successful eBook, Featuring Author Michelle Watson

And So Much MORE!

Welcome to the Profit Freedom Tribe!
Where the digital world meets the freedom lifestyle.

Meet the CEO of the Profit Freedom Tribe, Coach Dallas Gordon

Dallas N. Gordon, is an International Business Coach, Trainer, Marketing Expert, Author & Speaker who resides in Northeast Maryland. Dallas specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to increase brand awareness and to maximize traffic and sales in the digital space. She encourages excellence in the marketplace and is passionate about empowering others to create the life of freedom they want, need and deserve.

She has coached multiple entrepreneurs to six figures & beyond, teaching them to monetize their passions and break free of their 9-5 jobs utilizing online business and marketing strategies.

Dallas is a top producer on multiple ecommerce platforms and is a highly sought after business coach. She has earned her B.A. in Theology & Christian Studies. She continues to inspire women & men across the world as she embarks on this exciting journey as CEO of multiple thriving companies.

Tasha Gambrell

Business Owner & Digital Marketing Expert

Eden Croft

Beauty Brand and Sacred Commerce Coach

Nakia Martineau

Business Owner & Startup Strategist

Clark Terrazola

Executive Assistant & Community Manager

"The Freedom Tribe is not just an academy it’s a lifestyle"