How to Find Purpose in Business: Am I Walking and Working in My Purpose?

There are many paths and opportunities to be both successful and happy in life. However, for most of us, we can agree that finding your passion is a number one priority. It just makes life easier in so many ways.

You may have found yourself reassessing what you want in life. The good news: You can make a change. Here are some sure signs that you are living and breathing your purpose through your business.

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1. You are Alive 

Everything about you is not just about what you can do for other people. Your life is a gift. Your existence is your purpose.  If you are getting up every day and you are getting out there, smiling, doing things every single day, then you are fulfilling the first level of your purpose.

Don’t ever want you to discount the beautiful blessing that your life you living. Your life is a blessing. When you wake up in the morning, every single day, the first miracle has already happened.

If you feel lost and misdirected in the area of your purpose, and confused about what you are supposed to be doing, remember that you are doing the right thing by living.

2.  Your Gift Feels and Flows Naturally

Most of the time, your purpose is something you’re already tapping into on some level. Maybe you are a great motivator who is always naturally giving a lot of love to people or a motivational speaker with a gift of true compassion.

These are the things that were already activated from birth. A lot of times, the natural things that you are already doing indicate your purpose. Remember that your purpose or your gift is normally something that you are already in action with whether you realize it or not. It is time to discover that gift.

3. You Are Reaching Others Through Your Gift 

The people around you appreciate the things that you do. It helps them get to the next level. Think of that thing that you are doing that helps others. Think of the ways you are doing that shine your light on others. This gift helps others and it naturally comes to you.

You can also find purpose in your business by using your gift to make a difference in the world.

4. You Feel Pulled or Called

No matter how much you say “no”, or no matter how you try to run, it feels like your gut is pulling you towards your purpose. Remember that even if you’re good at doing something, it doesn’t mean that’s your soul worth while you’re here.

Keep in mind that God may have had you do something for a time, but once that time is up, and it’s time for elevation, you’ll use your gift to get to the next level. Your purpose will definitely light you up.

5. When You’re in Your Purposed You Feel Energized

You will never feel like what you are doing is work. Everything’s coming very naturally. It’s like God is reaching through you to other people as an extension of who you are.


Start exploring your passions and talents, and then matching them to a business that needs those skills. You can also look for opportunities to make a difference in the world, or to build something that will last long after you’re gone. Whatever your purpose is, be sure to follow your heart and intuition, and you’ll find the perfect business for you.

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