Have you ever found yourself overworking until you hit the point of burnout? Burnout happens when we’re tapped out as a result of not pacing ourselves. It’s natural for us to associate hard work with success, but are we working too hard and not smart? In this article learn why you should pace yourself to improve the productivity!

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “In our haste, the more we make mistakes.” I find that it’s better to pace myself and follow through to the end, than hopping around from task to task.

Why You Should Pace Yourself to Improve Productivity

Here are some things to keep in mind when we are feeling tempted to race through life and business:

Why You Should Pace Yourself to Improve Productivity

1. The man who moves the fastest doesn’t necessarily win in life. 

Moving fast doesn’t always result in a task well done.

2. Be productive, not busy.

Productivity and busyness are two different words. Sometimes we are doing busy work but not productive while working.

3. Burnout affects your mood and causes you to lose motivation for projects 

Sometimes motivation is lost due to exhaustion. It’s necessary to rest and gather the strength you need to stay the course.

4. Your creative space should be protected and shouldn’t bleed into all other hours of the day.

Set aside a sacred space in which you release your creative energy for the day. Once the day work is done, save the rest for tomorrow.

5. Don’t allow working to rob you of your relationships and enjoying quality time with family.

Running your business is important, but we must remember that our family relationships are invaluable.

6. What’s the use of working hard when you won’t be healthy enough to enjoy the benefits it brings?

Slow down and take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with those you cherish most.

Check out this video as I talk about the importance of pacing yourself and learn how to improve your productivity:

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Dallas Gordon