This tool is called LiveLeap and it’s super efficient. LiveLeap works by connecting your Facebook account and following quick setup steps to begin sharing your broadcast with multiple pages/groups.

Are your fingers tired of sharing your live broadcasts on Facebook to multiple pages?

Want more visibility while broadcasting and easily alert your friends? I’ve found the perfect tool that allows me to share to multiple pages and groups while I’m on a LIVE Facebook broadcast.

LiveLeap also has plenty of other cool features such as automatically alerting your email subscribers when you’re going LIVE.

LiveLeap Review: How to Broadcast on Multiple Facebook Pages at Once?

In this blog, find out how to share your live Facebook broadcasts to multiple pages and groups.

Like what you see? Tired of manually sharing your live streams?

I’ve got just the thing for you! Grab your FREE trial of LiveLeap HERE and get started! It’s a HUGE timesaver and you’ll thank me later:)

Any questions about how to use the tool?

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Dallas Gordon