Do you pull your hair out when trying to write product descriptions that sell? I have a really cool FREE tool for you, that I use often when I get stuck crafting product descriptions. The goal of the product description is to provide the customer with enough information to compel them to want to buy the product immediately.

Using generic words like beautiful or nice just may not cut it! You want for your visitors to actually envision themselves using your product or service. The words you use to describe what you sell ARE important.

To use this free tool visit HERE.

What's a Good Tool for Product Descriptions that Sell Online Effectively?

This website will help you to use descriptive words to describe everything from Animals to Real Estate! The site also gives you a hand with writing complete phrases to describe your products. If you want to know which keywords are making more money, below is the picture of words used to describe jewelry.

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Check out this resource and let me know if it helps! If any questions, I’m always around 🙂 Drop me a comment below.

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Dallas Gordon