Why You Aren’t Successful

In this blog I’m going to talk about some things that may be blocking your success and how to set yourself free from them!

I think we all need a little motivation right now! Maybe you’re not in the mindset to carry out your marketing plans, maybe you’re feeling like you’ve been spending too much time at home (I’m with you!) or maybe comparing yourself to other people has got you down.

Here are some tips to help you out!


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1. Do Business Your Way
Do not be afraid to step out in faith and do business your way. In business there is no one cookie-cutter way to do business. You have to add your own vibe to your business, to lean in and listen to your own spirit about how to do your business.

I can’t teach you how to express yourself through your business. No one can. I can teach you marketing and the tools that you need to run a successful business but only you know how to be the true expression of you. You have to lean in for yourself! Don’t be afraid to show up as yourself and do business your way.

2. Too Many Coaches
You can have too many coaches and too many mentors to even focus. If you’re trying to listen to too many different people, you won’t hear anything!

One coach or mentor is enough. Focus on one coach and really try to lean in to what they are saying. Join one program, immerse yourself in it, learn all that you can and apply it to your business. That’s how to really get something out of it!

3. More Knowledge Doesn’t Mean Faster Success
Having more knowledge will not necessarily make you grow faster. Knowledge is power BUT your journey is your journey. It may feel like your journey is slower than somebody else’s – or faster! But at the end of the day you can’t force it.

Definitely study and apply what you learn but pace yourself, own your own journey and trust the process. It will happen as it’s meant to!

4. Use What You Have
You might think you need something more than what you have to make a single sale – more followers, speaking opportunities, ads or prettier graphics. But that’s not true. You CAN sell right now if you position yourself properly, be intentional and consistently market yourself.

You CAN sell right now. But you have to back it up with belief. And people can sense when you don’t believe in yourself – and that’s most of it.

5. Stop Comparing
Stop comparing yourself to everybody else. You might be feeling really good about yourself but then you come across someone who has more sign-ups that you. Straight away you start to feel really down on yourself, your ego takes a hit and you feel like all the work you’re doing is for nothing. Comparison – sat away from it!

Comparison is poison. And it comes to kill your success and block your success, so do not participate. You have the opportunity to engage or not to engage. Make the choice not to engage with low frequency behaviors like comparison.

I’ll leave you with this: sometimes we lose sight of what is going right in our lives and we start to focus on what’s wrong. Sometimes we get into a funk instead of counting our blessings. So, what I’m asking you to do is to get into gratitude.

We’re used to always asking what’s wrong – why not ask what’s right? So, my question to you is: what’s right in your life today? Think about those things and be grateful for them. Know that you have the power to overcome ALL of these success blockers! I want to see you winning!

I hope this post has fired you up and if you want access to more of my fire motivation and business coaching, book a 1:1 coaching/strategy call with me here. I can’t wait to meet you! 

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