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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 5 – Develop a Routine

Hello Cash Army! We are finally on the last step of our Amazon Qtr 1 Prep. In this blog post, I am going to share the last step on what needs to be done during the first quarter of our Amazon prep to help us get through! Part of running a long-term business is developing a […]

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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 4 – Survival Mode

Hey, army! We are on step 4 already! I really do hope you are religiously following the steps because if you don’t, I’m not sure how it’ll turn out if you miss to do a step. But anyway, in this blog post I am going to teach you the fourth step in our Amazon  Quarter […]

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Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 1 – The Purge

Hey there, Cash Queens! I am going to talk about the first step of our Amazon Prep for QTR 1. Everybody talks about prepping for QTR 4, nobody talks about QTR 1. Some suggest to slow down, but for us go-getters, slowing down is never an option! What does it mean to purge? Anything that […]

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Online Arb Made Easy: Why You Need OA Xray

If you want to up your game in online arbitrage, OA Xray is the bomb! The name itself defines what it does, an xray for online arbitrage! How does it work? Easy! You just download the extension button so that you can access it easily on your Google Chrome browser, and then you go to websites […]

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