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About Dallas Gordon

Dallas Gordon, a Kingdom Business Mentor, Power-Seller, Author, and Speaker, is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and business owners. She teaches them how to build and grow profitable subscription services and thriving online businesses.

Dallas is one of the leading trainers in her industry and is the CEO of 3 thriving companies: Mentorship & Training Services, The Journal Junk Box Subscription Box and DG Journals Co.

Client Reviews

“I had the pleasure of taking Dallas’s course & before the course was over, I was making money. Dallas’s teaching style is easy to follow & she’s very thorough. She’s patience, kind & genuinely wants to see everyone win. If you’ve been wanting to move your business in the right direction, then choose Dallas as your coach. She’ll definitely help you get to where you want to be both professionally & financially.”


Product Ambassador

Dallas is a PHENOMENAL business coach & AMAZING marketing strategist! She has a way of inspiring you with her transparency, motivating you with her words, and moving you to action with her expertise and caring yet direct demeanor.

Coach Stacy
Coach Stacy

Empowerment Coach

After going through the program with Coach D, I was able to gain more clients. If you’re looking to go to the next level in your coaching business she is the one that will and can take you there.

Coach Catina
Coach Catina

Life Coach

Coach Dallas is the bomb! She not only helped me find direction when it comes to my business- she helped me get closer and find clarity in my purpose. She has a wealth of knowledge, and I’m so blessed and honored to have been able to work with her. If you’re looking to transform the way you do business and also enhance your life- I definitely recommend her mentorship. I hope to make you proud, Coach!

Shay BeingSocial
Shay BeingSocial

Digital Creator

I recently finished a three month Ascend Coaching program with Dallas and I have say that I gained more clarity with my business. Prior to starting I was getting crickets, but before long I was getting people reaching out to me. I was able to grow my Instagram profile by 1500 and get more engagement on my posts. I also received 2 new clients with 1 being recurring revenue. If you are looking for clarity and want make sure you’re going in the right direction, Dallas is your girl.

Zandra Gadsden
Zandra Gadsden


Coach Dallas is THE BEST! I booked a session with her to help me plan and set up ways to further monetized my business. She gave me great advice that I was able to immediately act on. Book a session with her! You will not regret it!!

The Millennial Somm
The Millennial Somm

Wine Blogger

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