Social Media Detox | Why You Should Take Breaks from Social Media

There’s no denying that social media has become a huge part of modern life. However, this doesn’t mean that spending too much time on social media is good for you. Although your work may require you to remain social online during business hours, it can be very helpful to detox over the weekend or during a vacation. In this blog post, I am going to share with you my social media detox and why it is important to take breaks from social media.


What is Social Media Detox? 
A social media detox is the elimination of social media use and for a set period of time. Social media detoxes can be 7 days, 30 days, month-long, or every other month. Being on your phone and social media all the time can cause anxiety because social media is a virtual world and not a real world. Not everything that we see on social media is real. 


My Social Detox Story

Two years ago, I built my career and coaching business using Facebook. There was a time when I found myself spending almost ALL my time on the platform.  Even while having dinner with my family, on weekends, or having a vacation, I was obsessed with checking the platform. This went on until the platform stopped working for me. All the groups and pages I’d built on the platform were taken down because of oversharing and spam. I felt like all of my years of hard work were wasted and gone.


Reasons Why a Social Media Detox Is Good for You


  • Balance 

You can always use different platforms for your business without overusing them. It’s important to find the balance in your real life by being fully present. 


  • Fresh Perspective

Taking a break and unplugging from the virtual world can help you to clear your mind and brighten your mood. If you’ve been feeling highly anxious, stressed out, or depressed, this is a good time to take a social media detox. You may feel a bit strange at first, but your overall mood should begin to improve as you take a break from social media.


  • Social Media is just a tool

Social media is a tool. A tool to help you grow your business or introduce your brand to your target audience. Don’t let social media control you. I strongly advise that you incorporate breaks in your marketing strategy. Let your community know that you are taking a break, and for sure they’ll understand. If not, that’s okay. 





I hope this blog helped you and answered your questions about why you need to take breaks from social media. Want to join a community for impact-driven womenpreneurs in e-commerce who want to monetize their passions and dominate online sales in their space? Click here to join my Facebook group: e-Comm for Women!


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