Embracing the Preparation Season: Trusting God’s Timing

In the journey of life, there are seasons of preparation that may feel like a pause or delay. It’s a time when we sense a call for change, a pivot in our paths, and a shift in our messaging. As we navigate through these seasons, it’s essential to understand the purpose and importance of patience, trust, and alignment with God’s timing. In this blog, I’ll share my personal experiences with preparation, impatience, and the lessons learned in trusting God’s perfect timing.

Pivoting in Life and Message

This past year has been marked by crucial moments in my business and personal life. A notable change unfolded in my messaging, fueled by my profound commitment to a journey of rededication to God. Despite my eagerness to immediately share this transformation, there was a noticeable pauseā€”a season of preparation that demanded patience before taking action. Many of us can relate to the experience of receiving divine direction but feel the frustration of delayed clarity.

Impatience and Its Consequences

I often find it hard to be patient, a feeling I’ve had for a long time. I’d compare it to stories in the Bible. Don’t make decisions or do things too quickly without seeking guidance from God. Trying to make things happen before it’s time can lead to unexpected problems, turning what seems good into something not so great. From my own experiences of going after things too soon, I’ve learned how crucial it is to be patient and make wise choices in our lives.

Delay as Redirection

Delays could be divine directions. This emphasizes the possibility that what appears delayed may not be denied but redirected. Trusting in this redirection is crucial to ensuring that one moves in alignment with God’s intended path.

Learning to Have Joy and Be Content

I encourage you to find joy and contentment in your preparation season. Embracing the present moment, even when it doesn’t aligned with your desired outcome, is a practice of gratitude and trust. Make the most out of your journey and find joy in the current season, knowing that God is observing how you handle what you currently have.

As you navigate your preparation season, it’s essential to recognize it as an integral part of your journey. Patience, trust in God’s timing, and a willingness to align with the divine plan are key ingredients for a successful and fulfilling life. May this serve as a reminder that your waiting periods are not wasted; they are seasons of growth, preparation, and alignment for the blessings that lie ahead.


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