Hey there, eComm superstars! We are on the third step of our qtr 1 prep for Amazon! This can be used for ANY eComm business! If you want your 2017 to be successful, you definitely need to apply these tips to your business!

I’m sure you don’t have all the time in the world to do things manually, that’s why I’m going to share apps that I personally use to make our lives easier!

It's APP time at #eCommCashQueen

Here’s the list of some of my FAVORITE apps that you can download from Google Chrome App Store TOTALLY FREE:

  • AMZ Seller Browser

  • Top Cashback

  • Ebates App

  • Keepa App

  • Amazon Assistant

  • Price Blink

One of my absolute favorite apps is OA XRAY, check out this POST to see my video to learn how to use it.

But there are many others! Don’t limit to using only the apps that I mentioned, try exploring Google Play or App Store for more useful apps that you can use for your business!

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Dallas Gordon