Amazon QTR 1 Prep Step 2 – Narrow Down Your Plan

Hello, fellow Cash Army!

After purging as the first step in prepping for QTR 1, we are going to start narrowing down our plans for our eCommerce business.

As an entrepreneur, it is important for us to always think about our customers first. What do  they need at the moment? What are their likes? What are their current hobbies? Take note that our customers’ desires change depending on the weather, season and many other factors as well. That’s why it is a must for us to come up with our plan with our customers’ needs in mind.

For step two, you need to decide what you want to achieve. Come up with long term and short term goals. What is your plan for the whole year? What is your plan for Qtr 1? Finish one goal at a time and I guarantee, you are going to take your business to another level.

In this video, I talk about the importance of narrowing down your plan. Check it out below!

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