Here’s Why Your Prayers Haven’t Been Answered

When we’re waiting and feeling frustrated because our prayers don’t seem to be answered, we often look for reasons. We might blame external things like evil forces, bad influences, or our actions. But what if the key to making our prayers work is actually within us? In times of quiet and self-reflection, it becomes clear that the main obstacle holding us back might be our own words and thoughts.

The Power of What We Say

The Bible teaches us that our words have a lot of power – they can bring either life or death. This means that what we say shapes our reality. Instead of pointing fingers at outside forces, it’s important to realize how much our own words affect whether our prayers come true.

Our words are like a tool that can either help us or hurt us. Just like God’s words created the world, our words can create the reality we want or mess things up. It’s time to pay attention to the story we’re telling with our words and make sure it lines up with the success we want.

How Thoughts Affect Our Lives

The Bible also tells us that we don’t only survive on food but on the words that come out of our mouths. This means what we say has a bigger impact on our lives than the food we eat. Our words aren’t just sounds – they carry energy and have a way of coming back to us.

Think of your words as having a job. What are you telling them to do? Are you speaking positivity or negativity into your situation? Knowing that our words are super powerful lets us take control of the energy we’re putting out. Just like God’s words don’t go to waste, our words come back to shape our reality.

The Mind as a Powerful Tool

Our thoughts, like our words, have a lot of power. Our thoughts are where our feelings and moods come from. If we choose to only speak positive things, we create a good story for ourselves.

Our mind is like the boss of our body. By protecting our thoughts and saying no to negative stuff, we take control of the ideas and thoughts around us. This reminds us that, as believers, thinking like Jesus gives us strength and authority.

In our faith journey, it’s important to know that our prayers aren’t just about what’s happening outside. Our words and thoughts are a big part of making our prayers come true. By being aware of how powerful our words are and how our thoughts influence our reality, we can actively help our prayers come true. Let’s choose to speak positive words, stay positive, and think in line with the divine. This opens the door to answered prayers and spiritual growth.


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