Building a Community for Your Subscription Box Business

In today’s digital age, building a community around your subscription box business can feel exciting and intimidating. For many entrepreneurs, creating a warm, engaging space for subscribers can be tiring, especially if they’re unfamiliar with social media or online engagement. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea, know you’re not alone—I’ve been there too.

The good news is, that building a community doesn’t have to be a stressful or uncomfortable experience. In fact, it should be something that brings joy and satisfaction to both you and your customers. The key is to focus on creating an experience that benefits everyone involved while staying true to your own comfort levels and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, these tips and strategies will help you build a thriving community that enhances your subscription box business and fosters lasting customer loyalty.

1. Build a Community that Works for You and Your Customers

It’s important to start on a positive note and ensure that the community you build is one that you’ll enjoy maintaining. If you’re not someone who enjoys live broadcasting, don’t feel pressured to incorporate it into your strategy. Instead, focus on other methods that suit your strengths and preferences. This approach ensures that your community-building efforts are sustainable and enjoyable for you.

2. Give Your Community a Name

Naming your community can foster a sense of belonging and identity among your members. For instance, in our Facebook group, we refer to our journal subscribers as “VIPs” or “Journal Babes.” This playful and youthful naming aligns with our brand and helps our customers feel part of a special club. Think about a name that reflects your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience.

3. Ensure Your Box Has a Mission

Having a clear mission for your subscription box is essential. It gives your business a purpose that your customers can connect with. For example, our mission is to provide tools for creative writing and to inspire self-care through journaling. This mission is woven into our content and communication consistently. If you haven’t established a mission yet, it’s never too late. Define what your box stands for and let that mission guide your interactions with your community.

4. Give Back to Your Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of running a subscription box business is the opportunity to give back. Consider hosting giveaways, raffles, or special events to show appreciation for your community. We often run quarterly and monthly giveaways to engage our members and build loyalty. Giving back not only strengthens your community but also enhances customer loyalty and satisfaction.



5. Create a Community Group or Chat

Consider setting up a dedicated space for your community to interact, such as a Facebook group or another platform that suits your audience. This group can serve as a hub for education, exclusive content, and community-building activities. Choose a platform that both you and your subscribers are comfortable with and actively use.

6. Educate Your Community

Provide your community with exclusive access to valuable resources related to your product. This could be templates, downloads, or tutorials that help them make the most of your subscription box. The more integrated your product becomes in their daily lives, the longer they are likely to remain subscribed.

7. Keep Communication Open

Effective communication is vital in maintaining a strong relationship with your subscribers. Avoid surprises that could upset your community by being proactive in your communication. Regular updates, transparent information, and timely responses can prevent misunderstandings and build trust. Treat your subscribers with the same respect and consideration you would give to close friends or family members.


Building a community around your subscription box business doesn’t have to be intimidating. By focusing on what works for you and your customers, giving your community a unique identity, and maintaining open communication, you can create a vibrant and engaged group of subscribers. Remember, the strategies shared here are flexible—take what fits your business and leave what doesn’t. Your goal is to create a community that enhances both your business and your satisfaction.


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