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The Art of Waiting – How to Have More Patience

The Art of Waiting - How to Have More Patience

Have you ever wondered why you easily get frustrated with traffic jams, long lines and when things don’t come when you want them? Obviously, these are natural stressors that happen every day but how do we manage them?┬áIf you want to reach higher heights, waiting is a great teacher. Waiting teaches us patience and sparks […]

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This Year, I’m Clapping

This Year, I'm Clapping

4 days until my birthday. Still counting down! I’m reflecting back over the year and I’m counting my blessings and my accomplishments. Many times, we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We focus on our shortcomings and in doing so, our strengths are overshadowed. I remember, back when I was just a girl. Nothing made me […]

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