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Brand Strategies

Email List Building Tips – How to Build a Super Targeted Email List

We’ve just cracked open 2020 and this is the year to get more targeted and build authentic connections in our businesses. This month, we’re focusing on list building. Why? Because it’s way too many business owners out there pouring so much effort into marketing and feeling disappointed when they realize they’re putting the wrong content […]

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Why Strange Things Sell Online: Some of the Strangest Things I’ve Sold

Are you struggling to find the right product to sell online? Maybe just trying to remove unnecessary items from home?  Before you toss out the worthless pieces lounging around your home, you might want to explore the things you didn’t believe you could sell online.  And if you think there isn’t a passionate group of […]

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How You Can Use Convenience to Sell More

Want to make your customers happy? Make something more convenient for them. People love and will pay for convenience. I personally love shopping with companies who make life more convenient for me. Sell solutions and you’ll never have a problem selling out. Due to the rise and success of e-commerce, many local businesses have closed their doors.  […]

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5 Things that Make Your Brand Infectious

Ever wondered what makes certain brands tick? You know, those brands that everyone can’t seem to get enough of? Those big BOSS brands that people just love to follow and take out their credit cards for… Ever wondered what it would take for you to have a BIG BOSS Brand? It’s not impossible to have […]

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Should I Put My Business on Pinterest?

Should i put my business on Pinterest?

So you have a business and you’re looking for free ways to market online but you don’t want to waste time, energy or wreck your brain as you’ve done in the past? You’ve landed here because you’re wondering if you should put your business on Pinterest. Yes, you’ve seen all the statistics about Pinterest. You’ve […]

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Why I Quit Team #upallnight – How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

One of the biggest business myths is that hard work equates success. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong believer that worthy things take work and sometimes I can be quite the hard worker. But I’ve realized that workaholism differs from working long hours. Staying up all night and working all day non-stop without prioritizing […]

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